Refresh Your Landscape With Unique Trees and Plants

Schedule expert planting services in Mill Valley, CA

Are you looking to fill an open space in your yard? Do you want to create more shade over your patio? Turn to Fostine Landscaping Service for planting services. We can install all kinds of plants and trees on your landscape in Mill Valley, CA.

Take advantage of our years of experience to choose the right foliage for your yard. We'll inspect your soil, light exposure and irrigation to determine which plants will grow best - and won't drain your bank account.

Refresh your landscape with new greenery - schedule plant and tree planting services today.

See what professional planting can do for your landscape

By requesting professional plant and tree planting services, you'll ensure that your foliage grows correctly and stays in good health. Our planting services involve:

  • Inspecting your property, soil and irrigation
  • Determining the optimal place for plant growth
  • Digging a deep hole to accommodate all roots
  • Spreading fertilizer tablets to nourish your plants
  • Filling in the hole and watering everything

Ready to spruce up your backyard with new plants? Reach out now to schedule your preliminary consultation.

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